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Specialists from around the world have studied carefully the causes of impotency, in adult male and the serious and puzzling cases in which impotency in young men affect their daily lives. So before we start deconstructing the whole process of impotence we must state the main causes of impotency, because we think that if you know where the condition starts, you can find, for example cheap treatment pills that can stop impotence naturally

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Premature ejaculation was not so long ago considered to be an incurable problem and with no signs of finding a remedy. Now, in our modern society, due to recent discoveries and medical breakthroughs, researchers came up with genuine solutions that can change every manís perspectives over premature ejaculation and its afferent problems. Thanks to these products now you can get rid of this problematic sexual disorder once and for all.


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Facing impotence is a very different battle when it inflicts its symptoms on men across the globe. To confront this topic on people who are suffering from this sexual disorder is difficult, mainly because they are very sensitive when mentioning it. Now impotence is a common and disturbing disorder, a condition that if left untreated it can create unprecedented rifts in any relationship. Men are seeking help and thus looking for new ways on how to stay erect and improve their sex life. Medically this disorder prevents men from experiencing a normal sexual experience by not letting them to have a strong and long erection.

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Truth about Sildenafil citrate effect

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Dr. James Kelly

The sexual life of a person has transformed surely in our modern times into a social actor relating too many of our activities. More and more men for instance complain to have problems with erection and seek help on the internet, on forums but not always in a doctor cabinet. They found it difficult to express their feelings in front of a person because of the emotional involvement of those problems and that is why they prefer to keep themselves in the anonymity. The search for rock hard erections has sent many men into an online frenzy. Those problems have various reasons and are characterized as erectile dysfunctions.

They have real explanations that these days can be found almost everywhere. Because of this simple reason men are seeking a natural erectile dysfunction treatment that will act on all of these connected problems. Erectile dysfunction is known as the manís inability to get an erection when he is sexual stimulated. This could happen frequently and so it raises a lot of question marks. Some of those questions refer to the causes of erectile dysfunction.

Those causes could be either physical or psychological. Physical causes involve diseases that could influence erection such as diabetes, high cholesterol level, heart diseases (angina, atherosclerosis) as well as vascular, liver, kidney or neurological diseases. Psychological causes also affect the degree of ED apparition in a 20% percentage. Stresses, anxiety, depression, fear of sexual failure, ongoing sexual inhibition or guilt, are factors considered by herbalists and researchers as major causes for erectile dysfunction. Of course there is a natural cause for impotence and it is reached at an age of 70 years old. Revealing your problem in time can prevent further complications.

To do that you have to use erectile dysfunction tablets natural to its basic structure as to reach your desired result. There are persons who can reach an erection point but canít sustain it long enough to reach an orgasm. Those persons as with those suffering from more severe forms of erectile dysfunction or other sexual problems can relief easily because nowadays thanks to medical innovation they can successfully self treat using a natural erectile dysfunction treatment. After diagnosis and testing a doctor can suggest which type of treatment you should follow based on the causes of your erectile problem.

The media is choked by all the advertisements to products that promise to do the impossible. Of course those advertisements suggest that the only thing you should do is to buy that product and simply take it and wait for the effect to show up. Unknowing what you have taken can make you wait an entire life for that effect to show up and your desire to have hard rock erections might never come. You will then find out that there is nothing you can do to straighten things up. Well you can restore yourself to normal up by further information on the condition or by consulting a doctor.

One example of such a miracle pill is Viagra, also known as Sildenafil citrate. It has a chemical background and follows a reaction to inhibit an enzyme called phosphodiesterase-5. This is done by taking the pill an hour before sex and only once a day.

An overdose can destroy your sexual life forever

An overdose it produces symptoms like nausea, irregular heartbeat even heart attacks or fainting. It is prescribed by a doctor and you need to take into account if you had a recent heart attack, stroke, heart beat disorders, heart failure, high or low blood pressure, any kind of liver, kidney or neurological disease, any eye problems, bleeding like hemophilia or physical damages to the penis. You must inform your doctor about your medical history. He will then prescribe you a specific dose of Viagra. Taking this pill does not produce an instant erection.

To do that sexual stimulation is needed. You may experience a series of side effects during sexual activity like a tormenting chest, wrist, neck, arm, pain or dizziness. Side effects may also be experienced after the sexual intercourse and can manifest as visual problems or total visual as well as hearing loss, dizziness, vomiting, digestive problems, heart beat problems, low blood pressure, nausea, sweating, breath problems, headaches fainting or painful erection that lasts for 4 to 6 hours.

You may experience other side effects and you must immediately tell your doctor about them and the manifesting environs. Viagra also interacts with other drugs and creates complication when used together with other erectile dysfunction medication. For instance you should not use Sildenafil if you take some nitrate drugs for different heart problems or chest pains. Different supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbal products and other drugs may also interfere with Sildenafil and you should inform your doctor if you take other medication.

Depending on the dosage (25mg, 50mg, 100mg) a pill of Viagra may cost up to $20. This is not very encouraging when taking the numerous side effects and counter-indications into account.

Many of this information canít be found on the numerous websites launched every day with the premeditate purpose to make big profits. The persons behind this scam use the renowned Viagra brand to sell unpatented drugs that look just like the original pill. Some side effects for instance are presented briefly on the official Viagra website, but you canít find them on other websites that sell this product or you find some mild reactions to the drug like light headaches.

You need to know that the company producing Viagra launched only one patented formula because in your search for help you may find some websites that sell different types of Viagra like Viagra professional produced by some unaccredited companies. The changes brought to the original formula of those pills may also amplify a side effect or generate a new one. They look seductive at first sight because of the cheap price (usually $3/pill), no need of prescription and miraculous effect but in the end is nothing but a threat to your health. Take also into account the name of Generic Viagra found on the internet because it is nothing but an unpatented sample of the original drug.

So when seeking help try to avoid the nice sounding descriptions that come with false premises about the greatness and miraculous effect of Viagra. Doctors are becoming more receptive to the natural methods of curing sexual problems like erectile dysfunction. Since the subject was brought into public attention, constant researches and tests showed up some new safe and efficient methods.

Based on historical evidence of curing ED using plant extracts and erectile dysfunction tablets modern medicine developed some easy to use formulas. Some of those were even included in the conventional way of treating erectile dysfunction. Specialists hope to receive the patientís trust and attention in treating methods using natural therapies and they inform about the real effect and the way in which Viagra should be used.

Vigaplus- the herbal solution for erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction has been lately labeled as a recurring sexual disorder mainly because men are not properly informed about the condition itself and about the correct and efficient method to cure it. The natural erectile dysfunction treatment is now the safest solution in treating this type of disorder because of its side effect free nature and its effective actions.

Working better than chemical drugs like Viagra or Cialis, Vigaplus erectile dysfunction tablets, offer a simple and clean cure for this disease. There are no hidden agendas or any unspoken short term or long term complications there are just the fast effect and revitalizing sexual performance. Providing users hard rock erections, Vigaplus has taken upon itself to improve the overall sexual experience.

Thanks to its natural revolutionary ingredients that contain aphrodisiacs this herbal formula will also improve your sexual stamina and enhance your sexual appetite. Thus your confidence and strength will return and a new sexual life can become real, just by using this herbal product. Restoring sex as a pleasurable activity and not a stressful predicament, Vigaplus is proud to lend a helping hand to men across the world who suffers in silence from erectile dysfunction.

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