Causes of impotence

Our modern society requires a certain degree of adjustment when it comes to some areas of the sexual department. The media, internet or the radio are now in tune with the tendency of men and women to reinvent their sexual perspectives and enhance their experiences. For this reason many men are now looking for methods to increase the size of their penis. This aspiration is due to the fact that in recent years women have demonstrated an inclination in choosing men with bigger penises. There are many treatments available today but some of them are more dangerous than others.



Penis enlargement exercises side-effects

Everybody needs a closer look on their sexual life in order to find effective ways on how to improve it. Men are interested in clean and productive treatments to bring them enhanced sexual experiences. Nowadays the social aspect is very important and for this reason the quest for improvements occupies a role not to be neglected. In recent years there has been an ongoing debate within the medical world and its followers concerning the penis enlargement exercises side-effects that appear to grow in an alarming rate.


The advantage of a bigger penis

In our contemporary world there is an urban legend that persists in the minds of most of the male population:”Does size matter?”. We are talking obviously about the male’s penis and the concerns that erupt from a small size. There are measurements that reveal the penis’s size but we have to take into the equation some natural factors like: arousal level, time of the day, room temperature, or some genetic disorder.

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NeoSizeXL - Herbal penis enlargement pills  

natural grow penis pills

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Time to change your sexual life in a great manner

Lately we have received a lot of requests from men around the world that basically asked us with hope, in their own language “how to enlarge my penis size?” We already researched this issue because at that time we believed that the pressures of modern world will undoubtedly touch eventually this sensitive perspective.

Well, gentlemen, we are glad to be the bearers of good news because there are herbal penis enlargement pills that can entirely and with ease change your sex life. Now we understand that the urban myth of “does size matter” has been promoted by women unwillingly in certain sexual activities.

Men are very receptive on this kind of information and for good reason they seek help through natural penis enlargement supplements. Either you do it out of love for your counterpart or any other reason, we strongly recommend that you use herbal supplements because you won’t have to worry about catching a disturbing side effect in the long run.

Doctor Endorsements

Dr. Neil Patrick

As a specialist in reproductive related problems, many men have asked me what the normal penis size is and how to increase their own, without having to take dangerous or strong medicine. I have to say that there is no correct answer, but to those seeking ways to increase their penis I have to recommend a cheap penis enlargement formula that recently was developed named NeoSize XL.

Dr. Herbert Lodge

Recent studies have convinced me that nature is our best bet in curing many pressing medical issues. As a sex therapist I strongly recommend that people should pick herbal penis growth pills in their desire to increase their penis. I have faith in nature and until now she never let me down or my patients.


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How does it work?

The proactive effects of NeoSize XL are precise and accurate because its ingredients respect the characteristics of the male’s genitalia. It is structured in three chambers of which two of them are located in the Corpora Cavernosa area, and one at the bottom known as Corpus Spongiosum where the semen is ejaculated during sex. The three chambers are linked together and when the male gets aroused they are filled with blood and as a direct result increasing the penis.

To get the penis to grow, actions must be undertaken to pump more blood in the Corpora Cavernosa which directly stimulates its girth and growth. NeoSize XL offers a rapid and effective remedy for those men who feel unsecure with their penis size.


Mucuna pruriens
Soya protein concentrate
Pueraria Tuberosa
Tribulus terrestris
Withania somnifera


Take 1-2 tablets/day with a large glass of water 30 minutes after you eat. Follow a regular course in order to benefit from the best results. We recommend 3 months or more for optimal results.
Each bottle contains 60 pills.

NeoSize XL has no side-effects & we ship worldwide

The popularity of NeoSize XL has many people wondering if we can keep up with the entire request patterns, now we have to tell you with no hesitation that the best pills to enlarge penis sizes are available anytime, everywhere worldwide. Our shipping system is perfectible structured as to respond to your demands. At this very moment people are receiving their packages to fulfill their desire, to increase penis girth and improve their sex life.

E-mails from our customers:

We encourage all our customers to write us about their experience after using the products you find here on Herbal Trust. If you want to see your testimonial on our pages please send us an e-mail with your feedback at .

Ben Foster, US

Wow, I still can’t believe that such a miraculous medicine exists because for some time now I lost faith in finding an herbal stimulant that can help me. I have a wonderful girlfriend and love her very much but in one night I heard her talking to her friend about my penis size, I was so embarrassed. She was satisfied but that wasn’t enough so I’ve looked for a fast herbal erection medication and NeoSize XL found me. Now when she talks to her friend, I listen with delight.

Franco Mazzoli, Milan

Ciao friends from around the world, words can’t express how much happiness I now feel. The reason is simple, being an Italian, sex is in my blood and after I started using NeoSize XL in a quest to find a cheap penis enlargement supplement, everything changed. Some spectacular results after such a short time sublimely changed my sexual intercourse experience, because now girls come to me with open arms attracted to my new confidence level and positive charm.

David Duquette, Longueil

Last week after going out with some friends we started to talk about penis sizes and past sex experiences with different girls. I was shocked to find out that my penis size was significantly smaller than my friends and that the sex I had with my ex.’s wasn’t as great as theirs. So I started to look for ads to buy penis enlargement pills and I found with ease NeoSize XL. What a change and so fast, now my girl calls me three times a week. I am very lucky and now I have stories of my own to tell.


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