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Around the mid of December 2008, one study was published in a medical journal which referred to the importance of Viagra and its effect upon the cardiovascular system. Viagra, also known as Sildenafil Citrate is a combination of a few chemical substances which may ease but not treat erectile dysfunction. In any other studies we tried to test the myths created around Viagra.

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Recent news says that in some countries there are proposed resolutions to sell Viagra without a medical prescription. Physicians donít agree with this, and think that the availability of those treating options should be limited because they are high-risk drugs which require competent physical diagnosis and rigorous clinical tests together with a medical history check-up before a patient is considered able to use this medication. In contrary, if Viagra or other related drugs are taken without medical guidance there is a high chance that the patient would experience some health threatening side effects


Best herbal ED remedy

Viagraís popularity is shattered by the new wave of impotence treatments. We created the best herbal ED remedy available today that can battle Viagraís disturbing disadvantages. In the following article we will present you the pros and cons of those two solutions. First we would like to start with a brief history of the two drugs. Viagra was initially discovered in a blood pressure drug trial. It was designed to adjust the internal blood circulation and lower the blood pressure. As a side effect this drug increased the erectile functions in men. It enhanced blood circulation in the penile area being compared to a sexual booster.

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VigaPlus - Natural erectile dysfunction cures  

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Looking for erectile dysfunction help?

Within the male community erectile dysfunction is considered to be a serious threat on the sexual stability of a man. This particular truth is difficult to accept and that is why men seek to stop such a sexual disorder. Having the opportunity to choose from so many erectile dysfunction cures a man might think twice before panicking about the condition. The life expectancy of any relationship hangs on the balance.

As a direct cause of an unhealthy sex, the disorder has to be treated before it evolves into something harder to cure. The medical definition of the condition is relatively simple and doesnít reflect all the problems that occur from it. Ed is considered as the inability to achieve or maintain an erection long enough to perform during sex.

Erectile dysfunction cures can solve your issues

When a man suffers from a sexual disorder as complex as Ed, is only natural for him to seek only the best treatments. Considering the fact that herbal cures for erectile dysfunction are now leading the fight against the disorder, is no surprise to see people looking to get a hold on such treatments. Sex is an integrant part of our social lives and any abnormalities in this sector can become a real blow to a manís confidence. The incapacity to fully perform in bed can create a bridge between you and your girlfriend or wife.

Vigaplus can save your relationship

Vigaplus was created to counter act the agents that maintain or stimulate Ed in a manís body. Its natural ingredients present properties that restores control of your erection to the rightful owner, you. The unique design of Vigaplus has made it in a short amount of time one of the viable and effective cures for erectile dysfunction.

The formula adapts fast to your bodyís unique characteristics thus acting in a short time to solve the condition that prevents you from achieving a normal erection. With no side effects and a fast working pattern, Vigaplus is surely an important player in the small circle of erectile dysfunction cures.


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Doctor Endorsements

Dr. James Stuart Parker

As a doctor and medical researcher I have the obligation to analyze the current leading medicine in the sexual disorders field. Because of this particular aspect of my work I came across Vigaplus. From of the many erectile dysfunction cures available this one appeared to show great potential. The extensive clinical trials don on this product revealed many agents that fully counteract the factors that maintain Ed.

I was quite surprised because for a herbal supplement so much effectiveness and without side effects is a formidable feat from Vigaplus.


Withania somnifera
Epimedium sagittatum
Tribulus terrestris
Lepidium meyenii


Please take one pill twice a day and a pill 30 minutes before sexual intercourse. For the best long-term results we encourage our customers to try Vigaplus for 3-4 months.
Each bottle contains 60 pills.

Testimonials from our customers

We encourage all our customers to write us about their experience after using the products you find here on Herbal Trust. If you want to see your testimonial on our pages please send us an e-mail with your feedback at .

Franklin Tier, Atlanta, US

Any abnormalities in the sexual department have always been a major reason for concern. For this reason I wanted an effective product from the cures for erectile dysfunction available today. Having to suffer from the disturbing symptoms of the condition every day was ruining my sex life. After I started the treatment with Vigaplus I began have experience hard erections and without any other complications. Thank so much for offering me another chance.

Jorge Manuel Hernandez, Madrid, Spain

Sex was and is very important for me. I see life as an expression of love and that is why I need to be in top shape. It was truly horrific news when my doctor told me that I had serious issues with my erections. From the erectile dysfunction cures on the market today, Vigaplus was the one that helped me overcome the condition. Scarred because other treatments failed, this herbal treatment restored my faith in the medical system and in my own sexual abilities.

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