Causes of impotence

Specialists from around the world have studied carefully the causes of impotency, in adult male and the serious and puzzling cases in which impotency in young men affect their daily lives. So before we start deconstructing the whole process of impotence we must state the main causes of impotency, because we think that if you know where the condition starts, you can find, for example cheap treatment pills that can stop impotence naturally

treat erectile dysfunction


Causes for low sperm count

In the area of infertility we have made significant progress over the years and the conclusions are that with care and patience this problem will be a thing of the past. We have learned that infertility on the side of the man is due to semen abnormalities. After extended analyses the structure of the semen number, quality and motility influenced directly the normal procreation process. We are going to study the causes of low sperm count because this is a major problem in infertility. Over 15 million sperm per milliliter is considered to be a normal count but we have to state that older diagnostics point out to 20 million.


The advantage of a bigger penis

In our contemporary world there is an urban legend that persists in the minds of most of the male population:”Does size matter?”. We are talking obviously about the male’s penis and the concerns that erupt from a small size. There are measurements that reveal the penis’s size but we have to take into the equation some natural factors like: arousal level, time of the day, room temperature, or some genetic disorder.

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Viagra on erectile dysfunction

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Article by

Dr. David Smith

Our renowned research company managed to do some important tests on conventional drugs in order to establish which one is the best. We referred strictly to sexual problems and its issues like premature ejaculation, low sperm count or small penis size. Here in this article we would like to tell you more about erectile dysfunction treatments and especially the risks behind Viagra and the positive effects of natural Viagra substitutes. First we would like to inform you that Viagra does not cure erectile dysfunction or impotence being only a temporary solution. It is a chemical based drug also known as Sildenafil citrate from the class of PDE5 inhibitors. In this class are included other drugs like Levitra or Cialis and are named so for their power of inhibiting one enzyme responsible to the relaxation of the smooth penile muscle. Blood then can enter into the penile tissue and fill all the inside blood vessels.

This eventually may help a person to obtain an erection but with some dangerous risks that are not found in natural generic Viagra alternative. We say that it does not cure ED because this common disorder has a number of complex causes both physical and psychological. There is no conventional drug on the market that would eventually help a person to get rid of impotence. The only help came from an alternative medicine branch named herbal medicine and we will discuss about this method during our presentation.

Erectile dysfunction exists since the birth of mankind and it is considered to be a loss of great importance both for men and also for their relationship with a woman. The beginnings of modern day medical treatment never knew an easy and effective formula for impotence. This happened until by mistake the manufacturer of Viagra discovered after a blood pressure trial pill that some men reported an increased sexual drive. After this incident the company rapidly changed the initial destination of the pill and turned it into an anti impotence pill. The market constantly craving for a treatment solution began to put pressure on doctors to release them a prescription. The need for a prescription is one important aspect that will eventually limit the use of Viagra only for those able to take it. In order to prescribe you Viagra a doctor needs to run some tests and a rigorous diagnose of your condition. He has an obligation to ask everything referring to your medical history that may his decision in providing you the desired medicine. Persons with certain diseases like angina, liver and kidney problems, ulcer, leukemia, those with cardio-vascular problems like abnormal blood pressure are strongly advised not to use Viagra because of its side effects. Also the use of Viagra on children or women is forbidden. The myths about the pill utility in enhancing sexual desire at women are worthless. In this case the causes of low desire and eventually impotence are mainly psychological. Men have different feelings and perceptions and that is why in this case the psychological cause has an impact of only 20%. This is not to be negligible because it can generate even greater complications then other physical causes.

Viagra facts

It seemed to be at first a blessing but swiftly it turned into a nightmare for numerous patients across the world, after a few press releases. Because in the trial period only healthy persons were used to test Viagra there was no guarantee that it would work for those that suffered from erectile dysfunction. And of course it didnít work. The issue of the pill generated waves of controversial in the medical councils and among users. One thing is certain that it gained big popularity among young persons. It was considered a true recreational pill because teenagers took it together with alcohol or other recreational drugs in order to generate some weird but very dangerous effects. Problems with this medication are also related to its cost-efficiency rate. The high price makes it unaffordable for many men and those that made an effort to buy it said that the product does not worth its high price. Some said that they took the pill 1 hour before sexual intercourse and they experienced an erection after 8 hours.

This is referring to the fact that in order to obtain an erection you would have to be sexually stimulated and confirms once again its incapability of increasing sexual desire. The usual price is about $15 per pill and the normal dosage is of one pill per day which makes one of the most expensive drugs on the market. Also be aware of the so called Generic Viagra pills or no-prescription Viagra that can easily be found on the internet and try to locate only natural generic Viagra pills with no side effects. The usual price of a pill is of $5 and are nothing but unpatented drugs sold by other companies as a Viagra substitute. The consequences may be disastrous if taken without medical guidance.

The safe natural Viagra alternative

Our natural alternative solution has a price of almost $1.5 per pill and it is free of any side effects. Why is that? Well, because our researchers used only natural ingredients made out of potent and quite unique plants. No chemical compounds were added and that is why this medication does not interact with other drug treatments. In the case of herbal erectile dysfunction pills we have no restrictions; anyone can use the pills without risks of hidden side effects. The only thing that needs to be followed is the dosage, taking not more than our doctors recommended quantity. It is a natural supplement and used for minimum 3 months can eliminate almost any form of erectile dysfunction. Because of the aphrodisiac properties of the plants used in the process persons reported an increased sexual desire and a psychological relief.

This natural Viagra substitutes can also empower sexual drive, increase stamina which eventually will help you rehabilitate your relationship. Another good aspect is that you donít need a prescription to buy those pills but if you have any concerns you can review the list of ingredients together with your doctor anytime you want. Now you can buy cheap herbal Viagra products without the threatening risks of experiencing any side effects that come with so many chemical based drugs. For more information you can visit one of our clientís testimonials.

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